Drake’s God’s Plan video is more than a PR stunt and here’s why

05 March 2018
Drake just surprised his fans with the heartwarming video for his hit single God’s Plan. It is a beautifully-lensed video directed by Karena Evans, who followed the star around Miami as he gave away the money set aside to pay for the production of the video.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster, and you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by feelings of happiness. On the other hand, it’s reasonable to argue that the most genuine and charitable gestures are made off-camera, and some accuse Drake of being self-serving. I mean, really? Judging by the lyrics of God’s Plan I would say this is a genuine example of an artist putting his label’s money where his mouth is.

Over the years, the goofy memes and dad-dancing made Drake an easy target for rap beef. Although he has been calm and graceful about it, on God’s Plan, he states that he is tired of it: “I been movin’ calm, don’t start no trouble with me / Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me.”

God’s Plan is Drake’s personal diary entry. The video is dedicated to his fans, but really is about him, and the way he wants to be even when the conditions are not optimal. That is why Drake is at his most sincere in the video. He is doing good deeds for his fans, but ultimately is reminding himself and the world that it is who he is. Because of this, the video feels natural and not contrived. He is interacting with his fans not as an artist, but as a person. He is really there and he’s into it. Check out this behind the scenes video and see it for yourself. Eos is spinning God’s Plan on The Block, Pop Nation and BSP Hot. Enjoy! ☺
Kiki Tamm, Eos Music Supervisor

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