New Release News: PRETTYMUCH –“10,000 Hours”

26 February 2018
PRETTYMUCH debuted in 2017 with their ‘90s-channeling bop Would You Mind and have not made a mistake since. They have brought their music to the 21st century with Teacher, teamed up with French Montana for No More and impressed with their vocals on the a-capella Open Arms. Their new single, 10,000 Hours is no different. They have been performing it at live shows so far, and the track became their fans’ favorite in a matter of minutes.

10,000 Hours was released on Valentine’s Day, and frankly, the timing was just perfect. 10,000 Hours is a beautiful ballad that describes the pure feeling that arises when you invest you energy into someone you love and adore. The boys are singing it with angelic voices and its beat will get you hooked right away. It’s gonna’ make girls swoon, but don’t take my word for it, check it out on Eos Premier Pop and BSP Hot.
Kiki Tamm, Eos Music Supervisor

About Kiki
A native of Talinn, Estonia, you could say Kiki has music in her blood, literally. Both of Kiki’s parents were members of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, the leading orchestra in Estonia. A classically-trained pianist, Kiki loves that her knowledge and love of music can be the basis for her career, and takes pride that her work is enjoyed by consumers visiting businesses served by Eos Music. In her free time Kiki enjoys canoeing, hiking, sailing, and cycling.

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