New Release News: Muse - “Thought Contagion”

15 February 2018
Muse is finally back with a new sound. During an interview with KROQ DJ Stryker in 2017, lead singer Matt Bellamy revealed that Muse was mixing a new track, similar to Fury. Thought Contagion was released today as a single. It’s inspired by American news stations and living in the Trump era in general. The band thinks that lots of airtime is given to crazy ideas, while at the same time those ideas are like a virus that is spreading contagiously.

For the song, the band used the skittish drum patterns of Trap. They have always followed emerging styles and embraced them, and the influence of contemporary music has always been a theme in their songs. Bellamy told “We’re getting into blending genres and eras together, both in the styles and in the music”.

Muse is still working on their eighth album. In an interview with Rolling Stone Bellamy said that they are mixing things up, and releasing singles before the album is ready. In that way there is a quick turnaround. He is saying that the album will be a mixed bag, because the songs are quite different. This way fans are able to be a part of their creative process. Even though there is a long wait for the album, hearing some of the songs, and reacting to them, will help Muse in perfecting the final product.

Besides dropping singles, the band is sharing photos from their time at the studio.

Eos is now playingThought Contagion on Alt Buzz and BSP Hot.

Evgenija Trajkoska, Eos Music Supervisor

About Evgenija:

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Reposted by permission from Photo by Steve Collis under Creative Commons license.