Eos New Artist: Kaela Sinclair

01 May 2018
During SXSW, we heard Kaela Sinclair perform her new single I Cry Too and knew we’d make her one of our monthly Eos New Artists. I Cry Too conveys heartfelt emotions, and empathetically reminds that the people who we look up to are same as us, and they cry too.

Kaela started her career midway through her studies. She was handpicked by Anthony Gonzales to join his electro-pop band M83. It seems like it happened to her seemingly effortlessly, and this is what she says about it: “I’m very convinced that you invite it all in; tell people around you that this is what you want, and it happens.”

Driven by these thoughts, she moved to LA, surrounded her with people who are her “creative support system” and started creating music. Her music is influenced by a colorful palette of artists, ranging from Björk, Rufus Wainwright and Regina Spektor, to classical composers. She gives away a vibe that she is living in a world of her own, but still she is very welcoming and sharing of it. Kaela has a knack for writing lyrics that are reflective and enigmatic. Along with the gorgeous melodies, her music is something to contemplate to.

She is working on four singles, that will be released as a ‘mini album’. Until her ‘mini album’ drops you can listen to her music on Eos Perk and BSP Mild, and let us know if you like her music as much as we do.
Aleksandr Laali, Eos Chief Music Supervisor

About Alek:

Hailing from Talinn, Estonia, Alek says music seems to be in his DNA. His mother has a VHS tape of him as a toddler drumming to music using kitchen utensils. He spent a couple of years at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, but dropped out to tour Europe with his band Jätku Leiba. He finally had to “grow up and get a real job”, holding programming jobs at several Eastern European radio stations. He was Eos’ first Music Supervisor, and as we’ve grown, he’s added others to his team who share his passion for music. Outside of music, Alek enjoys spending time with his wife Trini and their cat Kalju.

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