SXSW Journal Pt. 1 – Live Show Highlights

28 March 2018
The Eos team works relentlessly to keep our music fresh. Live shows at events like SXSW give us the chance to discover new artists, and hear new material from artists we already follow. Only somewhat recovered from the grueling journey home, I wanted to share a few notes from the trip.

I caught Canadian DJ Ludo playing at The Bungalow on Monday, March 12, so it was not a regular start of the week. His set started at 12:30am and lasted until 1:50am. Hey, I can sleep when I’m dead. Over the years, Ludo has developed a specific style influenced by the internationally renowned artists he has performed with. Some of those include big names, such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, EDX, Hardwell, Showtek and Tiësto. I play Ludo’s Love Me Dead on BSP Hot, Alt Buzz and 2K.

That night The Bungalow also hosted Canadian electronic duo Wake Island. Their set lasted only 40 minutes, but it was electrifying. Philippe Manasseh and Nadim Maghzal are both Lebanese immigrants who met in Montreal and started creating music together. Their music is a connection between their Arab roots and current Western lives. The cultural blend represents dance music accompanied by the lyrical skills of veteran songwriters. They are working on their third album, and until it drops, listen to Never Entirely There on Eos BSP Hot, Indie Pop and The Campus.

The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs is the glorious fifth album by the band Wye Oak. They have performed four times at SXSW, and frankly, our team still can’t get enough of them. Our favorite performance was the one at the Lustre Pearl, and their music perfectly suited the casual bar. The music is unapologetic, written without doubts and second-guessing, resulting in typical Wye Oak. You can hear their Before on AAA and The Campus, and Glory on The Campus and BSP Hot.

Superchunk says that the demoralizing election of 2016 encouraged them to release an album after four years of silence. The band has been together for nearly three decades, and it seemed to many that they lost their momentum. They’ve proven otherwise. They performed twice during SXSW, once at Mohawk Outdoor, and once at The Main. They said “It would be strange to be in a band, at least our band, and make a record that completely ignored the surrounding circumstances that we live in and that our kids are going to grow up in.” What A Time To Be Alive is a record about a dire and depressing situation, but it’s not dire and depressing to listen to. Check it out on The Campus.
Aleksandr Laali, Eos Chief Music Supervisor

About Alek:

Hailing from Talinn, Estonia, Alek says music seems to be in his DNA. His mother has a VHS tape of him as a toddler drumming to music using kitchen utensils. He spent a couple of years at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, but dropped out to tour Europe with his band Jätku Leiba. He finally had to “grow up and get a real job”, holding programming jobs at several Eastern European radio stations. He was Eos’ first Music Supervisor, and as we’ve grown, he’s added others to his team who share his passion for music. Outside of music, Alek enjoys spending time with his wife Trini and their cat Kalju.

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