Now and Then – The Week’s Billboard Number One Single

17 March 2018
Ever since it was released, Drake’s God’s Plan has been a giant, and now it’s proving to be an even bigger one. It has been the number one hit on the Billboard 100 for 8 weeks now. God’s Plan is dominating the streaming platforms. It has logged seven of the top 10 streaming weeks ever, with over 82 million U.S. streams.

In 2008, the reign of Low by Flo Rida was ended by Love in This Club by Usher featuring Young Jeezy. The song debuted at number 83 on March 1, 2008, the following week it moved to number 51, and topped the chart this week 10 years ago. The song was produced by Polow da Don, during his weekend stay in Las Vegas for the MTV Video Music Awards. He said “If you listen to the beat, the synths and everything has a [Las] Vegas feel to it. Making love in the club, people in [Las] Vegas are kinda wild.” Sadly, we can’t play Love in This Club on Eos due to the subject matter, but it’s a good song none the less.

Will Smith’s Getting’ Jiggy Wit It topped the chart in 1998. The catchphrase “getting jiggy wit it” originated from this song. Will said in an interview that “jiggy” is associated with “jigaboo”, which is a derogatory term for African-Americans. Therefore, its literal meaning is “getting African-American with it” and is referencing the innate sense of rhythm in people of color. We get jiggy with the song on our 90s and Throwback channels.

40 years ago, Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley was the number one hit. The song is the first single from Rick’s debut album Whenever You Need Somebody. The album was released in 1987 and the song was number one hit for five consecutive weeks in the singer’s native United Kingdom. Eventually, it topped the charts in 25 countries. Never Gonna Give You Up is definitely popular on Eos, played on BSP Smile, BSP Medium, 80s and Throwback.

In 1978, the Bee Gees topped the chart with Night Fever. The group put the drums and the acoustic guitar first and locked the feel of the song. Then they put the piano, the bass, and at last the heavy guitar parts. The thunder sound they used completed the song, which can be heard on Eos’ Dance Party, Yesteryear and 70s channels.
Evgenija Trajkoska, Eos Music Supervisor

About Evgenija:

Originally from Macedonia, Evgenija sometimes feels like she’s spent most of her life at University. She boasts a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the Faculty of Economics at FON University in Skopje and a Master's degree in International Business from the Faculty of Economics at University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She is new to Eos, but is already working with high-profile retail clients across Europe to curate the perfect business music for their store environments. In her free time Evgenija enjoys live music, reading (especially Balkan history) and hanging out with friends.

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