Now and Then – The Week’s Billboard Number One Single

10 March 2018
If I was a lazy blogger I really could have just reposted last week’s Now and Then. Drake’s God’s Plan debuted as number one and has maintained its top position for the sixth week in a row. Drake is the first male artist since Elton John whose single has spent its first six weeks as number one. Even before, God’s Plan was one of the most dominant number one singles for 2018, but it continues to strengthen its position. The single is already eligible for to be four times platinum, and it seems that multiple is about to increase.

In 2008, Flo Rida’s single Low had remained number one for ten consecutive weeks, but this would be its last week ruling the charts. Low has been downloaded over 6 million times, which makes it the most downloaded single of that decade. It earned the third position on the Billboard 100 Songs of the Decade.

My Heart Will Go On was number one single for a second week in a row in 1998. Even though it lost its peak position the next week, My Heart Will Go On has been Celine Dion’s biggest hit, and is considered to be her signature song. Its worldwide sales estimate is 18 million copies, which makes it the eighth best-selling single ever, and second best-selling single by a female artist. Last year, Celine Dion performed the song at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards to honor the 20th Anniversary of ,i>Titanic.

40 years ago, George Michael’s ‘Father Figure’ was number one single for a second consecutive week. The music video for the song won Best Direction of a Video at the 1988 MTV Video Music Awards. It portrays the relationship between a cab driver, played by Michael in the video, and a high-fashion model. Check it out here.

Keeping things consistent, 40 years ago in 1978 the number one single was still (Love Is) Thicker Than Water. According to Billboard magazine, the song is "a midtempo ballad that changes pace from a lushly romantic and soft [Andy] Gibb vocal to an uptempo instrumental drive. Plenty of melody and another catchy hook".
Evgenija Trajkoska, Eos Music Supervisor

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