Eos New Artist: Samantha LaPorta

08 March 2018
One of the best feelings in the world is discovering music you love by an artist you have never heard before. That is why I am sharing my latest discovery with you: the young artist Samantha LaPorta. Just 16 years old, Samantha has been captivating audiences in local beach venues in her hometown of Boca Raton, FL. Her vocal skills, accompanied with the soulful guitar playing, caught the eyes of local TV stations. She started doing televised shows, gaining an even wider audience.

Part of the audience were the multi-platinum selling producer/songwriter Jason Nevins and the hit-selling singer/songwriter Lucas Prata. They instantly recognized the potential in her talent and flew her to New York to record her first singles. In a press release, Prata says “Samantha has the vocal chops of a seasoned singer - not someone just getting started. That made us believe she has what it takes.”

She released her debut single Summertime Hold On Me in the summer of 2016. A national coffee franchise picked up the single and that summer it was heard from coast to coast. She completed the year with a holiday single Santa’s Back In Business, which was played on Radio Disney.

Her latest release, the single Own the Night, is getting heavy play on Eos, with spots on BSP Medium and Hot as well as Pop Nation and Premier Pop. The rising star posted on her Instagram account that she’s about to drop a new single. I’m sure it’ll be awesome and we’ll give it lots of love on Eos!
Kiki Tamm, Eos Music Supervisor

About Kiki
A native of Talinn, Estonia, you could say Kiki has music in her blood, literally. Both of Kiki’s parents were members of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, the leading orchestra in Estonia. A classically-trained pianist, Kiki loves that her knowledge and love of music can be the basis for her career, and takes pride that her work is enjoyed by consumers visiting businesses served by Eos Music. In her free time Kiki enjoys canoeing, hiking, sailing, and cycling.

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