How music helps us to connect with our favorite brands

22 February 2018
Do we need to talk about the importance of music in our life? You are probably listening to music while reading this. Music helps brands to create a unique connection with its customers, and here’s why.

Music is universal
While there are many languages in this world, music is the only one that can be understood by everyone. It conveys feelings and emotions that everyone can interpret. Music can transcend all kinds of barriers. It taps into people’s feelings and allows for the creation of a real and honest bond between the brand and the customers.

Emotional connectedness

Humans are creatures of sensation. Hearing is one of our five basic senses, which we are reliant on even before we start talking. We experience the world through sensations, and only describe it using words. That is why music connects us with the brand in an emotional way. It highlights the relationship we have and it helps us create a personal relationship. Because of this relationship, we have favorite places and products; those are our friends that we love to spend time with.

Consumerism came along with the cluttered advertising space. Nobody wants to be bothered by unwanted advertisements, so we developed a habit of avoiding them. However, avoiding also means missing things we actually do want to see. That is why brands are developing their signature sounds. Recognizing the signature sound of our favorite brands encourages engagement. It makes us feel, recreates the emotions we are experiencing when actually using the service or the product, only by listening to those few notes which are representing it.

Music is all about the experience
Everything we consume is not because of the need it satisfies, because, let’s face it, that need can be satisfied by many other brands; but because of the experience it offers. Experiences are aesthetic expressions that cause deep emotions. Music strengthens the experience conveyed by the brand, it allows us to feel sensations and recall memories, instead of just plain using products and services. Music is major factor in creating and setting up the full experience.

The relationships we form with brands feel unique and individual, even when we are aware that the brand mass-produces and is selling its services to a wide audience. Music is helping the brands create that individualistic experience that feels authentic to the brand. Brands even create custom-made playlists that are tailored to represent its core values and connect with the audience on a deep emotional level. Applied Media Technologies Corporation has been helping customers build their brands through digital technologies for over 25 years. Our teams are creating custom-made playlists tailored for specific brands. We are experts in conveying the character of the brand through music and therefore enable the personal relationship to happen. Contact us to find out more.
Katie Nole, AMTC Demographic Analyst

About Katie
Katie works with AMTC Major Accounts to analyze their customer demographics, and then with Eos Music Supervisors to help curate the right playlist based on her analysis. She insists that she’s not just a “science geek”. She’s an alumni counselor for her college sorority Phi Mu, maintains an active fitness regimen and loves the beach.