Eos New Artist: Emma Elisabeth

06 June 2018
Emma Elisabeth wowed us with Soul Traveller at SXSW. We had a pleasure of hearing her perform it twice, at the Barracuda Backyard and at Esther’s Follies.

Her jangle pop sound is filled with contrast. It’s soulful and contemplative, but feels loud and elegantly messy at the same time. She was born and lived in Sweden, and is not based in Berlin. This may be where the contrast in her music is coming from. Her soothing vocal over a sound inspired by country rock, along to analog synthesizers with a minimalistic touch is the very definition of Emma Elisabeth. As Cute and Dangerous put it, she is “Somewhere between The Bangles, Patti Smith and Nots”.

Her lyrics are authentic and heartfelt with a pinch of melancholia. While listening to her words you can feel the mixture of the 90s and the 70s. Emma’s songwriting is seamlessly blending the Swedish coast with Berlin’s nightlife, influenced by the American lifestyle.

Her smooth and harmonious nature is the essence of her debut album. It’s a 6 track EP called We Gotta Talk. The album was released last spring under and it was produced by Victor Van Vugt. Clash Magazine wrote that it’s “Unfurling with a gentle jangle, the crisp, spring-fresh songwriting can't fail to get under your skin”.

As Soul Traveller implies, she does take your soul on a journey. If you feel like travelling, listen to Soul Traveller on Eos Perk and BSP Medium.
Evgenija Trajkoska, Eos Music Supervisor

About Evgenija:

Originally from Macedonia, Evgenija sometimes feels like she’s spent most of her life at University. She boasts a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the Faculty of Economics at FON University in Skopje and a Master's degree in International Business from the Faculty of Economics at University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She is new to Eos, but is already working with high-profile retail clients across Europe to curate the perfect business music for their store environments. In her free time Evgenija enjoys live music, reading (especially Balkan history) and hanging out with friends.

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